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Hello All…Hope you have had a fabulous week!  It has flown by for me…Is it really Friday?

Today, I’m happy to share an idea that has kept me sane each afternoon for the past couple weeks…

Naptime Busy Boxes {}

Not at all sure why kids stop taking naps, but the day finally came when my oldest decided it would be more fun to hang out with Mom for a couple hours each afternoon.  As much as I loved this quality time, I still needed to fix dinner and keep up with the house.  I had to come up with something that would keep him busy, but he could still be near me.

A few months back, I turned this destined for the trash dresser into an Art Buffet in my Dining Room…One of the best decorating/organizing decisions ever made in my home!

Kids Art buffet {}

But after a few months of daily use, it was looking a lot like this…

Dresser before napboxes {}

So I came up with a better way of organizing the bottom two drawers…with clear storage containers.  Naptime Busy Boxes!

Dresser organized with Nap bins {}

Each container contains a different activity that he can do by himself or with minimal assistance.  These containers are only used during naptime, therefore keeping them somewhat of a novelty.  He loves them!  And has been picking up after himself because he doesn’t want his little brothers to see what’s in the boxes if he accidentally leaves a drawer open.  He thinks these are his special containers…I love that!

What’s in the containers?

5 Awesome Naptime busy box ideas! {}

I looked through supplies we already had and came up with five different busy boxes:

  • Playdoh with cutting tools 
  • Colored craft sticks with glue and accessories
  • Letter writing with paper, envelopes, pencils, blank postcards and stickers for stamps
  • Beading with beads, stretchy string and scissors
  • Paint with paintbrushes and an apron

There are so many other possibilities…I thought I would switch them out as he loses interest.

In the second drawer, I included a tray for finished projects and a stack of paper.  There is a laminated placemat under the paper for use with the messy projects.

So far, the boxes have been a big hit and I have gained at least thirty minutes of time each afternoon to maintain the house.

What do your non-napping kiddos do during naptime?

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    This idea is genius! Once my daughter stopped napping it was a huge adjustment for both of us. She didn’t want to be alone and I needed some me time! Giving her something specific to do might make it easier. Pinning this now and hoping to try it soon!

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    This is an awesome idea! I’m definitely going to have to do something like this for my girls because I go nuts if there isn’t a quiet time for a while in the afternoons. New Facebook follower, would love if you’d stop by my page as well.
    Rebekah @ Somewhere in the Middle

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