SNAP! Recap {Part 1}

Hello Friends!

I know, I know…SNAP! was over two weeks ago and I’m just posting about my trip…It’s just taken me a bit to gather my thoughts about it all.

SNAP recap 2013

Let’s start at the beginning…I had not ever planned (or even dreamed of attending SNAP!).  You may or may not know that I am a fairly new blogger.  Last year, as a blogger wannabe, I read the SNAP! recaps of all my favorite bloggers and secretly thought how Awesome it would be to go to an event like that.  Little did I know I would be attending the following year!

As I mentioned, I had not planned to go to SNAP! , but a couple local friends (and bloggers) mentioned going with them…if I could get a (sold-out) ticket.  Um…YES!!!  So on to the wait list I went.  SURPRISE…maybe three days later I had a ticket!  It was real!

To say I was SUPER nervous is an understatement.  Why?  I had not been on a plan for over five years, had NEVER been away from my boys for more than one night and I was going to be surrounded by bloggers who really know what they are doing and were doing it really well.  I was sure I would be “Blog Star-Struck” and not talk.  If you know me know, you know I talk…a lot!  But…when placed in a situation I am not 100% sure of, I tend to clam up.  I am a natural introvert and have opened up or become more comfortable over the years (or it could be the eight years of teaching high school.)  Anyway, I was nervous.

But…I was going!!  Yay!!

I agonized over what to wear, treated myself to a pedicure and had my hair touched up…all to try to look my very best.  After all, everyone looked Perfect in the pictures from last year!

packing for SNAP! {}

Lucky for me, all of my Roomies were local bloggers.  We had a playdate and made pajama pants for the Pajama Party and planned how we would decorate our Hotel door for the door decorating contest.

SNAP! PJ Party {}

SNAP! Photo Booth {}

Using leftover fabric from my pajama pants, I made a quick cover for my camera strap.

homemade camera strap {}

I ordered business cards…

business cards {}

Bags packed, I was ready for four days of FUN…Ready to Be Inspired and Learn!

SNAP! bound in cowboy boots {}

Stay Tuned for SNAP! Recap {Part 2: The Classes}

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SNAP! Recap {Part 2: The Classes}

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