Cilantro Lime Chicken Soft Tacos

Hey there!  Are you looking for an easy but delicious recipe for dinner tonight?  Today, I am sharing one of our family’s favorites.  We could eat these at least once a week! They are quick to prep and require minimal clean-up. Perfect for a busy weeknight!

First, a little background on the recipe…Last summer, Mr. Kriegerchick came home from work telling me about these delicious tacos he had eaten for lunch that day at an authentic Mexican restaurant.  So good, that he proceeded to dissect them and recreate the same dish for dinner.  (Adapted for our tastes.)  He is notorious for doing this and creating new family favorites!

One word described the tacos…Yum!  And we have been making them ever since…

Our Family's Favorite Easy Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos {}

Cilantro Lime Chicken Soft Tacos


Ingredients for Cilantro Lime Tacos {}

Chicken (breast or thigh, Approx. 2 cups, but your family may need more)

taco seasoning

fresh cilantro, chopped

diced onion

sliced limes

shreddded cheese (Mexican blend)

sour cream or Greek yogurt


Small flour tortillas

cooking spray

How To:

Cook your chicken breast and season with taco seasoning.  While chicken is cooking, prep all your other ingredients.  I just set mine up like a taco bar and everyone can make their own.

Prepped ingredients for Cilantro Lime Tacos {}

For tortillas, Spray a small skillet with cooking spray and heat each side on Med low heat until very lightly golden. Do not cook too long or tortillas will be crispy and will be difficult to roll.

heating tortilla for Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos {}

How I make mine…You can pile on whatever ingredients you like, but this is the combination we like best.  Spread sour cream on the middle of the warmed tortilla, Add warm chicken, cheese, diced onion, cilantro and salsa.  Then Squeeze a sliced lime over the top.

Prepped Cilantro Lime Taco {}

You will not be able to eat just one.  Serve with chips and salsa or guacamole.  Enjoy!

Note: I typically cook quite a bit of chicken and freeze it to make dinner prep quicker, substitute sour cream with Greek yogurt, and prepare my own taco seasoning so it is salt-free.  Our family favorite salsa is the fresh salsa from Sam’s Club and we love On The Border brand Cantina Thins tortilla chips.

What’s your favorite Mexican dish?

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        I will! I a. Not a fan of sour cream, but I may mix the lime and cilantro with it to make a sort of sauce. I would eat it like that!
        Seriously, we eat tacos every week so new recipes are always appreciated!

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        I usually use greek yogurt, but was out when I made these. It is just something I added, but they are delicious without it. Don’t worry about making a paste, just pile it all on and squeeze a lime. They are so fresh tasting, especially when it’s warm.


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