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Way back when I was designing the set up for my Art Buffet, I knew I wanted to line the drawers rather than leave them bare wood.  Have you ever shopped for contact paper to line your drawers?  I hadn’t in a long time and was not pleased with the selection, or I should say the lack of selection!  (And it’s not cheap, either!)

So on one of my many trips to Target, I spotted a super cute patterned wrapping paper in the dollar spot.  I decided I would line the drawers with the wrapping paper.  Only problem was that the paper was A) not self adhesive and B) would be ruined if anything spilled on it.   Hmmm…I could use a clear contact paper on top of the pretty paper!

That’s exactly what I did and it worked!

Art buffet drawer {}

Personalized drawer liner {}

Here’s how I did it:

Measure and cut your decorative paper a little smaller than the drawer.  Adhere around the edges with an adhesive like Scotch…  Cut your clear contact paper to the size of the drawer and carefully press down from one side to the other.  Go slow and a small section at a time or you will end up with bubbles.  I have a couple bubbles even though I was extra careful!  The clear paper adheres to the drawer around the outside edge of your paper.

paper lining drawer {}

lined drawer {}

Drawer liner {}

Now you have a pretty and personalized lined drawer!  I think it would be beautiful with a fabric that coordinated with the room or a patchwork of scrapbook papers…Whatever works with your space.

Note: I went to Target 3 times and they never had clear contact paper in stock!  I complained to my mom and she happened to have some in her basement.  It was from 1983 when I was in kindergarten, but it still worked well…Had to add that because I cracked up when I saw the date on the paper! :)

Any Frugal tips you would like to share with me?  I’m always looking for new ideas!

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