Bunny Cinnamon Rolls {kids in the kitchen}

It’s time for a breakfast recipe today…Simple, but super cute and your kiddos will love to make and eat them! Yay!

Honestly, this isn’t really a “recipe”…It’s more like opening a can and embellishing.  Some mornings we just need quick breakfasts, right?!  Plus, the more fun food is, the more likely my boys will eat it.

Bunny cinnamon rolls {Onekriegerchick.com}

These are so easy, you are probably even laughing at me for posting this…Sometimes the easiest ideas are the best at our house.

How I did it…

Start with a package of store bought canned cinnamon rolls. Any brand will work.  I use whatever is on sale.   Use an entire round for the face. Cut a round in two halves to use for the ears and tuck under the round where you want your ears to be.  Bake according to package directions.  After removing from oven, embellish with eyes, nose, etc.  I used what I had on hand…m&m’s and chocolate chips.  You want to wait to embellish until after they bake because the embellishments will not hold up in the oven.  Trust me…I learned from experience. 😉

Have fun and enjoy!

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