Decorative Storage Container {15 minute craft}

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Today I am going to share how I store my plastic bags…you know the kind you get from the grocery store or Target.  For a while, I was just keeping the bags all stuffed into one bag under my kitchen sink.  This worked great until my youngest figured out how to A) open the cabinet door and B) play with the plastic bags…Yikes!  I had to come up with a storage solution Pronto.

I stuffed the bags into an empty plastic container that previously held protein powder.  Problem solved, or so I thought!  That little bugger twisted that lid right off!

On to Plan B: Why not use an empty oatmeal canister?!

plastic bag storage container {}

Yay!…This has been working for months and he has yet to open the canister!  Bonus: It holds twice as many bags!

I know the canister is pretty cute as is (Ha!)  The cuteness can be maximized with some patterned wrapping paper and a decorative label.  It is super simple to do too!

Before oatmeal container {}

Here’s how I did it:  Remove label from canister.  Save the label to use as a pattern for cutting your wrapping paper cover.

wrapping paper template for oatmeal container {}

Cut out paper, leaving a little extra to wrap your seam.  Adhere to canister, overlapping and sealing seam.  I used Mod Podge.  Create your own custom label and you are done! I cut this label out using chalkboard vinyl, but you can purchase similar labels at the craft or office supply stores.

DIY plastic bag storage container {}

Bonus Idea…Ha!  Thought I was only sharing one idea today, didn’t you!  Want another easy and inexpensive idea for storing those fabric shopping bags?  Re-purpose a popcorn tin.  I just spray painted an empty popcorn tin and added a decorative label.  Cute, functional and holds a bunch of bags!

Popcorn tin to stylish organizer {}

What everyday items are you re-purposing?  I’m always looking for new {frugal} storage ideas!

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  1. 1

    Courtney says

    Thanks for the great ideas! I’m so doing the oatmeal container! My bags are currently just stuffed in my pantry. The store bought thing just didn’t cut it. I’ll be keeping the popcorn tin idea in my mind for when I get one. Love your resourceful but classy style!

  2. 3

    Teresa Scrivens says

    lov these ideas especially the one with the popcorn tins I hate throwing those away. Sprayed it is just stinkin cute you could have them for all season! Thanks so much for the great ideas!


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