Spring at our house…

This weekend, I was able to break out these babies…

rain boots {onekriegerchick.com}

A sure sign of Spring!

Spring pond {onekriegerchick.com}

The landscape is wet.  The rain has washed away almost all the snow.  Who would guess that a week ago we had over a foot of snow!  It is still chilly, but the sounds of my boots squishing along remind me that Spring is finally here.

backroad {onekriegerchick.com}

I took a walk around our land and listened…to the trees rustling and the birds chirping…

Spring pond at {Onekriegerchick.com}

This is my favorite time of year…everything is new and fresh and holds promise.

missing dustpan {Onekriegerchick.com}

And…I might have found the dustpan I had been looking for…

Do you have a favorite time of year?



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    I also love spring. Here in Florida are seasons are all messed up and sometimes just run together, but the little bit of not too hot and no too cold weather we get (spring) is heavenly! Recently, the strawberry farm opened up for picking and my little one and I have been every week since! One of my favorite things about spring, besides the weather, is all the yummy fruit that we get! Oh, I love wearing my rain boots too!

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    Here in Florida we don’t have very defined seasons, but the short time spring is here with all of its beautiful flowers and perfectly cool weather is divine! It is my favorite. Recently, the local strawberry farm opened up for picking and my son and I have been there every week picking ose delicious, sweet red berries! That is my favorite part!

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