DIY Chevron Painted Canvas

Hello Friends!  Hope you are enjoying all of these fun Valentines ideas.  I don’t typically create so much for holidays other than Christmas, but I’m having sooo much fun using pink that I just cannot stop!  Now it’s time to show-off how I created the last component of my Valentines Mantle…

DIY Chevron Painted Canvas

DIY Chevron Bird Canvas

Supplies needed:

Canvas in desired size

stencil of choice


cutting surface

acrylic paint

paint brush(s)


How To:

Step 1: Find or make a stencil you like.  I found this template online and just printed it out on computer paper.

Chevron stencil {} Step 2: Cut out your stencil.  I used an exacto knife on a self healing mat.  If you do not have and exacto knife or mat, a small box cutter and magazine work fine too.  Now your stencil is complete…easy, huh!

Chevron stencil at {}

Step 3:  Moving on to the canvas…Give it a good coating of paint.  I used acrylic and it took a couple coats.  Allow thorough drying time. painting canvas {} Step 4: Lightly trace your stencil onto the canvas using a pencil.

Stencil on canvas {}

Step 5: Paint your accent color. DIY Painted canvas {}

Step 6: Embellish your canvas.  I would really like to to use this canvas for other holidays than Valentines, so I did not want my embellishments to be permanent.  I cut out the image on my die cut machine and adhered them with glue dots.  That way, when Easter comes along I can simply peel this image off and add a cross or bunny or eggs…I may have to paint another canvas!

Here is the canvas in my Mantle grouping:

Valentine mantle {}

Mantle tutorials herehere, and here!

Endless possibilities for this project!  Have fun with it!


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