Valentines Countdown {and easy kid crafts}

Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed your weekends…I sure did!  My two older boys stayed the night with my in-laws and I was able to knock out a few projects…Yeah!  I’ll be sharing those soon, but now I’d like to show-off how I created this cute, easy, under 15 minute Valentines Countdown that will make your kiddos feel super special!

I realize it is already the 4th of February, but so what!  I just made mine on the 2nd…Great ideas don’t always come to me ahead of time. :)  I was sitting on the sofa looking at my Christmas card display thinking it was probably time to take it down.  I remembered seeing a lot of countdown ideas on Pinterest and an idea for showering your kiddos with love note hearts.  The lightbulb turned on and here is what I came up with…

Countdown to Valentines {} I happened to have these foam hearts in all of the stuff I never throw away because I might need it for a project…Good thing because they were perfect!  I wrote numbers 1-14 with a black permanent marker on the front and a note on the back.  Each day, the boys can take the heart and turn it around to see what is on the back…I wrote things I love about the boys as well as special things we can do together.

Countdown Hearts {} When Oliver was two, I would always say to him “How much does Mommy love you?” and he would respond “Two Much!”  Now both boys say “Two much.”  Gosh, I LOVE these little boys!

Kids Crafts:

Now it’s time for a couple easy kid crafts…I cannot take credit for these ideas.  My 5 year-old made them while he was crafting alongside me.  He told me I should share them on my blog because other kids would like to make them too.  I couldn’t resist!

Beaded Heart Jewelry 

He has had sooo much fun beading jewelry for me, himself, his brothers, grandmas…I have been accessorized in hearts a lot lately.   Plus, it is a great skill working his little fingers.  If we can just keep the beads off the floor and out of a 1 year-old mouth!

Valentine jewelry {} I cut a length of twine for him and tied a bead to the end to keep the other beads from sliding right off.  Then he beaded to his hearts content.  I made a loop at the end so the first bead could slide on and off easily.  You could always just end with a knot.

Hanging Valentines

August colored these hearts with metallic pens, then glued beads to them.  The finishing touch was a little loop made of bakers twine so they could be hung.  He wanted to hang these everywhere!  They are cute, though. :)  I made sure to have him write his name on the back so I can remember how his first handwriting looked.

Hanging hearts {}

Have fun making memories with your kiddos!

If you like these ideas, be sure to check out my DIY Valentines Mantle HERE…many more cute {easy} ideas!


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    I really like the crafts that are easy to do with the kids. I saw you featured on Raising Reagan and came to take a look. Everything looks great!


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