My Girly {just for mom} Closet Makeover

I know you thought I had already gotten out of my organizing groove…Not so!  Here’s proof I’ve been working on some hefty projects in my absence.  Take this closet…Scary…When was the last time I put MY clothes away?!

Before Closet Makeover at

Let’s not answer that…It is a bit embarrassing.  For some reason, MY clothes NEVER get put away.  It’s a big enough challenge most days to get laundry washed, dried and folded…Who has time to put it away?!  And actually, I had already cleaned a bunch of stuff out before I remembered to take a *Before* picture.  See that spot of carpet on the floor…Yeah, that definitely was not there when I started tackling this project.

Seriously, you are probably thinking my entire house looks like this…Full of piles of STUFF.  It doesn’t or I would go crazy…Sometimes some rooms just get neglected for a while.

This week, I tackled MY closet.  Mr. Kriegerchick was gracious enough to give me the Master closet for myself {could be that his stuff no longer fits after mine took over}.  Anyway, he has a separate area in the laundry room for his stuff.

I am linking up to the New Year’s Organizing Revolution over at A Bowl Full of Lemons.

{Come VOTE for my closet makeover Friday-Sunday…I’m #77 }

I took everything out of the closet and decided what was to keep, donate, relocate to another room in the house, etc.  Then, I put everything back and organized it in a way that makes sense to me.  Ready for the Reveal…

Closet Makeover Reveal at

With this super cute new closet makeover just for me, it is so much easier to find what I am looking for.  I’m sure to always put everything away, right!?

Closet makeover {}

Closet makeover at

Now for the DETAILS…It’s neatly arranged with some pretty pink accents…In a house full of boys, there’s not many places to infuse pink.  I try to sneak it in wherever I can!

My sister gave me the suggestion of turning my hangers backwards.  Then, whenever I wear something, hang it back up in the opposite direction.  This will show me from season to season what I am actually wearing…If I haven’t worn it in 6 months to a year, it should be donated.  Not sure if this detail shows clearly in the pictures.

I organized my shirts according to sleeve length and color in order of the rainbow with neutrals first.  All dresses are together, shirts, pants and jeans,jackets, and vests.  The everyday shirts and pants are folded on the shelves to the right.  They are organized by long sleeve, short sleeve, tanks & camis, yoga pants and sweat pants.  I also have quite the collection of sweaters, so those that do not fit in a dresser in the bedroom reside on the lower shelves on the left.  Due to a lack of storage space in the adjacent bath, my closet also is home to our towels and other bathroom paraphernalia

Cute labels at {} I added some cute handmade labels to the bins.  They are attached with velcro tabs.

Handbag bins {} I made sure to maximize my storage space by storing the handbags I am not currently using on the top shelf.  With a sister in the Handbag business, I have a lot of handbags!  { has unique, stylish, reasonably priced handbags!}

Scarf organizer {} Okay, so I may have a few scarves too.  I hang them so I can see them easier.  I loop the fluffier scarves over a hanger like shown and fold my smooth scarves over a hanger with about 3 scarves per hanger.

And for my FAVORITE part of the closet makeover…My Clothing Inspiration Board…LOVE it!  I have sooo many outfits pinned on pinterest.  This way, I can print out some of the outfits to use as inspiration to not wear the same 5 shirts, 2 scarves and 1 layering sweater.  If you see me often, you can probably name the few items of clothing I actually wear.  Sad when I have a closet full of fun clothes begging to be worn!

Clothing Inspiration Board {} How cute did this turn out!

See how I made it in 15 minutes or less {here} and the easy embellished tacks {here}!

Other details…In the pictures of the whole closet, there is a black cabinet.  Eventually, it will house my jewelry.  If you look closely, you might notice it has no knobs.  They were removed so my darling children would quit taking my jewelry out…Until then, it just looks pretty and will serve it’s purpose one day.

There is also a fun vintage chair I use to climb to the top of the closet.

Where are my shoes?  A few pairs are lined up on the floor and the shelf, but most of them are in the mudroom.  There is also a hidden basket containing all of my flats and shoes not appropriate for winter in the corner of the closet.

Ahhh! It feels so good to have tackled my closet!  Now I just have to keep it neat and put my clothes away.

What’s your best closet organizing tips?  I’d love to hear them…I’m tackling the linen closet soon.  :(


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    Cari Seeley says

    Very nice! Still laughing about taking the knobs off so the boys can’t get your jewelry. I would never of thought of that. Cooper wouldn’t give up until he figured out another way to get them open.

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    I love the idea of a clothing inspiration board. I had been thinking about doing something like that on paper in my notebook but I like the idea of having it out where it can been seen. Thanks for sharing!


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