Super Simple Applesauce…in a crockpot!

For the past few weeks I have been up to my ears in APPLES!  We visited a friends house who has Apple trees…Little did I know she has an orchard! Needless to say, lately I have been doing a lot of cooking with Apples in an attempt to use them up.

Today, I am sharing…

Super Duper Easy Applesauce {in a Crockpot}

What child does not LOVE applesauce?!  We eat it as a side dish many nights for dinner because it is easy, healthy and my kids LOVE it.  I realize apple season is about over and there are oodles of applesauce recipes out there,but I thought I would share mine anyway. :)

This is the easiest Applesauce recipe you will ever make!  Two ingredients and it can be made in the slow cooker.


A variety of Apples, peeled and sliced

½ to 1 cup water

 That’s ALL!

Pour a little water in the bottom of your slow cooker.  Turn it on Low.  Peel and slice Apples.  Add Apples to slow cooker.  I add the Apples as I go and pile Apples as high as I can with the lid still fitting tightly.  The Apples will cook down.  On Low, this takes 6-8 hours.  I usually turn it on and go to bed.  Then we eat delicious warm applesauce for breakfast.  You can add cinnamon or honey, but we like it naturally sweet.  Stirring the applesauce gets rid of any large chunks.  (Or, a friend of mine blends hers.) Allow the applesauce to cool and scoop into freezer safe storage bags.  I scoop 2 heaping cups into a quart size bag.  Lay flat and freeze until you are ready to enjoy!

Next, I’ll be sharing my D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. and healthy

Whole Wheat Pancakes {with applesauce}…YUM!

Serve alongside one of these delicious breakfast treats…Cinnamon Twists or Caramel Sticky Buns…Both are EASY and sure to please!

Do you have a favorite way to prepare applesauce?  Please share! 

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